Frequently asked questions

What is the build time on custom cable orders?

Our build time varies depending on our backlog at that time, but it usually around two weeks.
We're always doing our best to minimize the wait time as best as possible without compromising our quality assurance and craftsmanship.

What kind of warranty do you offer for your products?

Products that are made by Arctic cables come with a hassle-free lifetime and fully transferable warranty.** *Repair service: If you send your AC cable back for repair, the labor and replacement parts are free. The customer pays for shipping.* *We'll cover the return shipping cost in the first 12 months. *Re-termination service: If you send your AC cable back for re-termination, e.g., changing the connectors from Audeze to Focal or for changing the connectors to a different brand, the labor is free, the customer pays for the replacement connectors and return shipping.

What is your return policy?

We offer a vast selection of custom cables and a wide variety of customization options, making returns essentially impossible.* Still, we will consider accepting returns within 14 days with common customization options, e.g., all-black sleeve design, black splitter, standard lengths, standard connectors, etc. If you think there's a possibility you'd want to send your custom cable back for a refund for any reason, contact us before placing an order so we could review the order details. *The Opera series has a 30 day trial period and can be returned for a full refund within that timeframe*
*Shipping costs are not refundable.

What is the "AC club"?

An exclusive membership for AC customers. What are the benefits of being an AC club member? Access the club's forum, allowing you to ask questions, post comments, and get a direct response from our team and other club members, exclusive promotions and coupons, a chance to win valuable giveaways, and more. How much it costs to join the AC club membership? It's free. How can I join? 1. Own an AC product. 2. Be a reviewer that reviewed at least one AC product. I bought a used AC product from another customer. Can I still join the club? Absolutely. All of the warranty and club privileges are transferred from the original customer to the new one. *The new system can only recognize orders that were made through our new website. If you purchased an AC product via a custom invoice, from our previous website, or from a fellow customer, and you'd like to join the club, please take the following steps:

  1. Send us an email at: info@arcticcables.com with the original owner's full name and the order or transaction number.
  2. Sign up for our AC club membership using the same email address and wait for a confirmation email from us.