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Our passion for audio started over ten years ago, and to this day, it is as intense as it was back then. Over the years, we have gathered immense knowledge, experience, and equipment.


In 2016, we decided to answer the ever-growing demand and found Arctic Cables with the following principles:


1. Top-notch customer service  

2. High-quality products and craftsmanship

3. Outstanding price-to-performance ratio


We have acted according to those principles for years with great success.

Arctic Cables accumulated thousands of pleased customers that found the best place to buy custom audio cables.


Custom-cable making is our way to make a living, but it is also our greatest passion. We make every custom cable with the most significant attention to detail and the highest degree of craftsmanship.


All of our cables are custom-made through and through. We are collaborating closely with some of the best wire manufacturers in the world. Thanks to this, we can design our custom cables in the best possible way and offer them attractive prices. Thus, most of our customers are repeat customers and trust us to deliver the highest quality products.


From day one, one of our most important goals was introducing custom cables to the market, with the highest quality and yet an attractive price.



We wish you happy listening.

The AC team. 





Our custom-designed O.C.C. pure copper and pure silver wire are produced by the world's best O.C.C. wire manufacturer. Simply put, it's the Ferrari of O.C.C. wires.

However, we keep our pricing at the lowest point of the spectrum, giving our cables an unparalleled price-to-performance ratio.



There are endless ways to design a custom O.C.C wire; different metals, AWG sizes, amount of strands, Litz types, wire jackets, overall diameter, cryo treatment, enamel coating, etc. 

Over the years, we've accumulated countless hours of testing and experimenting with different custom-designed samples. Each of our custom OCC cables took us over a year to create. 


We design our custom cables in two stages:


The sound: Having over 30 flagship headphones and IEMs from the best brands on the market, and top-of-the-line equipment, allows us to drive our cables to their maximum potential during the development stage, which is a crucial step to obtaining the absolute best sounding sample out of those we've tested.


The Construction: Every new wire we design is thoroughly tested for best flexibility and ergonomics, and the wire is microphonics and "memory" free. 

Our wire insulation is crystal clear and oxidation-free, which gives our cables a stunning presentation.


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