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X4 26AWG Type-6 Litz UP-OCC Copper
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Product Details

Specifications & Features:

  • 26-AWG X4
  • The highest-purity copper in the audio cable industry
  • Cutting-edge OCC Type-6 Litz
  • Enameled coated
  • Cryogenically treated
  • Soft, Flexible, lightweight, and durable
  • Premium cable sleeve options, made in the USA
  • Mundorf Supreme Solder
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Handcrafted in Florida, USA
  • Arctic's custom Aircraft-grade Aluminum CNC machined, Sandblasted, and polished anodized / Hydrographic / Carbon-fiber Y-splitters and high-end connector options

Customization guidelines:

  • Customize your cable with confidence! We check every order for compatibility issues and will contact you if needed.
  • Once you pick your headphone type, only the compatible options will appear in the drop-downs.
  • If your headphones aren't listed in the 'headphone Type' drop-down, select the "custom" option at the bottom and type your headphone model in the text box below. We can build this cable for any headphone and will ensure the cable's compatibility.
  • When choosing an AC connector option, we will automatically match the AC connector color to your splitter color choice. If you would like the AC connector and splitter in separate colors, please enter your preferred AC connector color in the text box.


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*Have you encountered any errors or issues with the customization options or other problems on this page? Let us know, and receive a complimentary gift!

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