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AC Hifiman Grill Mod - Standard Edition

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Product Details

*Headphones are not included!

* The price is for a pair of grills. The grills come with a black velvet bag, a warranty card, and a 3D sticker.


Try comparing the AC grills with any other grills. 100% money-back guaranteed!

V2 Version - Perfect fit, ultra-lightweight, Zero resonance

No more DIY spray-painted car bumper grill mods!

Arctic's Hifiman grill mod replaces the cheap stock Hifiman grill, bringing a fresh and stunning look to your Hifiman headphones.

Made of high-precision CNC machined aerospace-grade stainless steel with hard anodizing. Available in black, silver, and gold finish.

What is the anodizing process?

Anodizing is a process that converts the metal surface via an electroplating process into a decorative, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. Anodized colors are gorgeous, ultra-durable, and scratchproof.

Most small electronics and gadgets made of metal are anodized, such as smartphones, earphones, digital players, cameras, keyboards, PC cases, etc. Anodizing ensures flawless results and longevity.

Unlike spray paint, anodized colors will never peel off or suffer from issues like uneven textures, lumps, cracks, etc.

Spray paint is the worst option for items like headphones that are constantly being touched and moved around. Spray paint will not last and degrade/peel/crack/heavily scratch within the first year of use.

Spray can paint also contains aerosol, which is toxic and harmful to the environment.

Anodize has a beautiful shine, looks far better than a spray can paint, and will last forever!

It looks professional and factory-made, similar to your headphones. Spray can paint looks cheap and like a DIY project.


  • Perfect fit
  • No open edges
  • Aerospace-grade stainless steel
  • Hard anodized finish
  • High-precision CNC machined
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Bend resistant
  • Scratch proof
  • Extremely durable
  • Corrosion and oxidation free

The Hifiman grill mod comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty!

Custom designed and manufactured by Arctic.

Standard version:

We've meticulously tested five different Hifiman models, and with the standard version, we found that the main difference is a slight increase in soundstage without modifying the stock tuning; therefore, the headphone maintains its professional manufacturer's tuning and measurements.

Air-Flow version:
These have a much thinner honeycomb pattern than the standard ones, allowing more air to pass through.
The air-flow edition is ~95% open; it's like having no grills at all! The open-air design increases the soundstage, adding more upper bass, and smooth out the highs.

We recommend using the stock inner filter mesh with the Arctic grills to protect the driver from dust and humidity.

The grill fits perfectly and is very straightforward to install (about 2 minutes).

How to install:

1. Use a flat tool to remove the outer ring and remove the stock grills.

2. Install the new grill with or without the thin filter from the stock grill and insert the outer ring.

Compatible models:



HE-400i all versions

HE-560 all versions

HE-6/SE all versions

HE-5/SE all versions

HE-4/LE all versions

HE-4XX all versions

HE-350 all versions

HE-400S all versions

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