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X4 23.5AWG Litz Pure Cardas Copper


  • 23.5AWG 4-wire configuration 

  • Cardas patented Pure Copper

  • Litz Geometry  

  • Cryogenically & Enamelled Treated

  • Mundorf Supreme Silver solder

Arctic Cables' Ultra-Pure-Copper wire is custom-made to our specifications by Cardas Audio. 


Our design goals were to obtain the best performing and comfortable cable without making any compromises.

It turned out better than anything we've ever imagined. To our ears, this custom-designed cable is one of the best Cardas-made cables we've ever heard
and one of the best sounding cables at any price point.


The cable's sound signature is well-rounded. It provides a clear window to the music, removing the veil that some cables have. 


The cable is highly resolving and musical, without any coloration to the sound. It allows the listener to indulge in the experience that the artist is meant to deliver.
It brings out the faintest details in the recording, allowing you to rediscover your entire music collection. 


The bass is well controlled and extended; the mid-range is lush and organic, and the highs are profoundly detailed. The imaging is precise,
and the instrument separation is extraordinary. There's also a notable increase in the soundstage's width and depth.


This cable is also very smooth, flexible, and comfortable to use.



Cardas' patented, Matched Propagation cables (US Patent 7,674,973) address a core problem that is intrinsic to all cables (audio, telephone, data, etc.),

matching the signal propagation velocity of the conductor to that of the dielectric quite clearly improves the sound of audio transmission. 


The trouble is Dielectrics:


The best solid insulating materials transfer charges 22% slower than standard conductors. This is a mismatch that can be corrected in only one way;
it would help if you matched the velocity of the conductor to that of the dielectric in the cable itself.

Networks, working after the fact, cannot restore lost low-level information or the lost time integrity of the music.


The Matched Propagation Solution:


Cardas' ingenious, patented solution uses a precisely controlled coated strand geometry to mitigate cable capacitance's effects in the cable continuously. This technique eliminates the low-level smearing and preserves musical integrity and dynamic range by correcting an imbalance in the basic velocity relationship of the cable's conductors and dielectric. 


Huge Dynamic Range of Resolution:


Matched propagation cables preserve phase, dramatically lower resonance effects, have a huge dynamic range and amazing resolution.
They preserve low-level detail, leading-edge integrity and accurately preserve the heart, soul, and emotion in the music.
Matched Propagation technology brings unprecedented clarity and realism to your listening experience.
Matched Propagation technology can be found in all cables in our Clear product line and in our recently introduced Parsec Interconnect.


Golden Ratio, Constant Q Stranding


Golden Section Stranding mathematically eliminates resonant multiples in conductors by sequencing strand masses and their associated inductive effects in an irrational progression.


A great cable has the best dielectrics and conductors and the geometry to match one to the other. Golden ratio constant "Q" conductors (GRCQ) correct conductor problems and match dielectric propagation velocity.

Interior propagation of solid strands slows in proportion to strand size and signal change, resulting in eddy currents, skin effect, "Q" fluctuations, and conductor resonance. Cardas individually insulates strands and proportions their size to depth in the conductor, eliminating eddy currents, "Q" fluctuations, and resonance. Strands are precisely layered to match dielectric materials and cable type. Golden Ratio keys into the proportioning of conductors and dielectric 

as elegantly as it does into music and nature itself.

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