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26AWG Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) Pro Series

    Specifications & Features:

  • 26-AWG per polarity in a 4-wire configuration 

  • Oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors 

  • Dense twisted star-quad geometry  

  • High strands count 

  • Ultra-soft premium sleeve options

  • Flexible and lightweight

  • Very durable

Core series is a soft, flexible, and compact 26-AWG 4-wire oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable. Its dense twisted "star-quad" design offers excellent immunity against RFI/EMI. Each conductor is individually insulated by a soft cross-linked polyethylene thermoset insulation that provides excellent protection from oxidation and corrosion and guarantees longevity. 

It is ideal for professional studios and those who require extended lengths and exceptional durability.

The twisted wire is covered by our ultra-soft custom premium sleeve, which adds another layer of protection, prevents microphonics, and improves flexibility.

With over 70 high-end headphones and dozens of top-tier amps and dacs in our collection, we meticulously test and compare our custom cables during the production stage with the market's most popular headphones and their stock cables. 

The Core is far more flexible, comfortable, and durable than most stock cables. 

Sonically, the Core is fairly neutral. In most cases, the Core offers better imaging and separation, better controlled low-end, improved clarity, and a slightly broader soundstage. 

'Core' is an excellent alternative for those on a budget who would like a higher quality, more comfortable, and superior sounding cable over the stock cable at an affordable price. 

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