X4 26AWG OFC Starquad Copper


  • 26AWG 4-wire configuration 

  • OFC Copper 

  • Staequad Geometry  

  • Mundorf Supreme Silver solder

  • Ultra-Soft sleeve 


Our custom-designed OFC cable is based on the 26AWG Neglex-Quad High-Definition wire, which is one of the best 4-conductor OFC wires on the market for its price.

Our OFC cables are durable, flexible, soft, comfortable, and have very low microphonics (self-noise). These attributes were achieved by removing their thick PVC jacket and wrapping them with our much softer and flexible high-quality cable sleeves. This cable also offers excellent immunity against RFI/EMI thanks to its dense braiding "star-quad" configuration.


In terms of sound, this cable presents a clear improvement over stock cables. We have noticed improvements in bass extension and bass texture, better resolution, better imaging, enhanced separation, increased depth, lifelike vocals, and a broader sound stage.


• Ultra-low capacitance

• Dense "Star-Quad" braiding to avoid interference noise

• Durable, soft, low microphonics cable sleeves with excellent flexibility and comfort

• High-quality connectors