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Opera V2

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The Opera V2 sets a new benchmark in audio cable technology with its Arctic's purest OCC Litz silver, making it the perfect canvas to combine exotic metals to fine-tune its sonic characteristics to a class of its own.

The Opera V2 utilizes a complex Type-6 Litz multi-layer 7-group design; each group contains a precise count of ultra-fine cryogenically treated enameled strands with an infused mix of kevlar and fine Japanese cotton central core. The Opera is constructed from X8 26-AWG of Arctic's purest OCC silver with pure palladium plating.

Opera's insulation is made of Arctic's custom 'ultraflex' TPU insulation, which is exceptionally flexible, ultra-soft, supple, and crystal clear. It is also highly scratch-resistant and will never lose its translucency.

Opera V2 delivers unprecedented transparency and neutrality with astonishing speed and accuracy. Even during the busiest passages and thickest textures, every instrument in the recording can be precisely identified.

Features & Specifications:
  • 26-AWG X8 (20AWG per channel)
  • Cutting-edge single-crystal OCC ultra-pure palladium-plated silver
  • Advanced Type-6 litz geometry
  • Pure Japanese fine cotton & kevlar central core
  • Individually Enamelled strands
  • Cryogenically treated
  • Arctic's 'Ultraflex' TPU insulation
  • Microphonics-free
  • Arctic Custom Aircraft-Grade Aluminum CNC Machined, Sandblasted, And Polished Splitters With Anodized/Hydrographic/Carbon-Fiber Finish
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Free Re-termination Service
  • Handcrafted In The USA

General notes:

  1. If your headphones aren't listed in the drop-down list, contact us to ensure compatibility.
  2. If you have special requests, e.g., custom length for the L/R split, mixing two sleeve colors, etc., please list them in the text field below.
  3. All solder options are top-notch; if you don't have a specific preference, choose either one.
  4. Due to ROHS lead-free restrictions in the EU, customers based in the EU can choose any solder from the drop-down except Cardas silver solder. Viablue silver solder is the default solder for EU customers.

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