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X4 15.5AWG Type-4 Litz UP-OCC Copper
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  • 15.5-AWG per polarity
  • X4-wire configuration
  • Kevlar center core
  • Cutting-Edge Single-Crystal 7N OCC Pure Copper
  • Extremely-High Strands count in each bundle
  • Cryogenically & Enamelled Treated
  • Custom Ultra-Soft And Flexible nylon Insulation

  • If your headphones aren't listed in the drop-down list, contact us to ensure compatibility.
  • if you have special requests, e.g., custom length for the L/R split, mixing two sleeve colors, etc., please list them in the text field below.
  • All solder options are top-notch; if you don't have a specific preference, choose either one.
  • Due to ROHS lead-free restrictions in the EU, customers based in the EU can choose any solder from the drop-down except Cardas silver solder. Viablue silver solder is the default solder for EU customers.
  • We follow all the customization selections to a tee. However, some headphone connectors require modification to fit very large-diameter cables and may need to be partially covered by heat shrink with L/R indicators.

Termination Options

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